Thank Blog it's Friday! Blow Dry Blues?

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Saran hair is a beautiful thing by *Saffy*
Saran hair is a beautiful thing a photo by *Saffy* on Flickr.

Ok so we have all had it.

You get to that point before your next hair appointment, and you just wake up, and do everything as normal when POW! Your hair feels, looks, and acts as though it has been replaced with the hair of Satan.

It's fly away, it's lumpy, it won't curl in the right place, or lie flat where it's supposed to. So what do you do? Back in the day, I used to start with a little water, put it on, lay it flat or curl it out and wait for it to dry... Into exactly the same position it was in before.

Secondly comes the product attack. We start with gels, seeing if we can somehow push it down, just to watch it... slowly... rise back up. As if in slow motion pushing up a hairy middle finger at you in the mirror.

Thirdly comes the all out surrender of washing your hair, and trying to make it work again, and again, and again.... And we arrive back at the start.

Well ladies, i'm a gent, and I can't begin to imagine the horror of having a bad hair day when my hair is over 6 inches long, so for you girls with meters of it... I salute you. However I came up with a solution and it worked for me and my short curly locks, so for you guys it's a sure fire thing. It's a three pronged attack, and it is amazingly simple.

Step 1. Switch on your Computer

Step 2. Sit in their chair

Step 3. Watch Camilla show you how to do it!

Here she is with hints and tips on how to blowdry your own hair....Thank Blog It's Friday!