Tommy's Franchise

Whether you are an experienced hair professional with a desire to open your first salon or a business professional searching for a way to enter our fantastic industry then franchising is a great choice. But why choose to franchise over starting out on your own?

Normally it would be difficult to set-up your own salon, especially alone and for your first time. Franchising reduces all the risks of starting a business and makes you instantly part of a bigger future. Simply put, franchising is a formula for success, and with Tommy's, you have a company whose formula is proven. That's why our franchise is so attractive.

What is Tommy's?

Tommy's is an award-winning luxury boutique salon group that started in the UK in 2002. The group is led by Creative Director Tommy van der Veken, a successful salon owner from the Netherlands who, together with Business Director Esther van der Veken-Prins, brings Dutch finesse to trend-setting British style. The current and four times winner of the British Salon of the Year Award, a feat no other British salon has ever achieved, Tommy's have established themselves as one of the leading salon businesses within the UK.

Discover the difference

From the moment a Guest enters Tommy's, they escape to the ultimate salon experience.

From Tommy's crisp modern decor and indulgent personal care to our award-winning fashion colouring, cutting, styling and professional luxury treatments - every visit to Tommy's is a delightful event specifically designed to exceed expectations. We call this; the 'Tommy's Experience'.

Why is Tommy's special?

Our philosophy within Tommy's is to deliver a personal experience. Our guests receive attractively crafted bespoke looks tailored to their individual wants and needs. Our franchisees enjoy the same standard of personalised care and support from our dedicated franchise management team. We don't subscribe to the 'one size fits all' practice; instead we take the time to understand your experience and background, and what your business ambition and goals are. Working closely with you to establish your personal wants and needs we will provide you with a personalised turnkey package, which includes technical and management training, human resources, IT, financial support, marketing, design and PR tools. Tommy's franchise gives you the chance to profit from a stylish and successful salon of your own, with the security of our excellent support.

Is Tommy's for you?

Tommy's franchise is open to anyone that believes they have the personality, creativity, flair, passion and business common-sense to offer the Tommy's Experience and fill their appointment books!

Whatever your expertise and experience, if you are a dynamic individual, Tommy's can fully train, assist and support you to start trading as profitably and quickly as possible.

Find out more about Tommy's franchise?

There's no obligation at any stage of finding out more about Tommy's franchise. So if you are as serious about the business of hairdressing as we are, click the enquiry button below.