Team Tommy's...

NO ONE CAN WHISTLE A SYMPHONY.... takes a whole orchestra to play it.  - H.E. Luccock

Unlike other Salons, we practice a team philosophy.  This means the skills of our entire team (From our Salon assistants to our Stylists) are available to you.  We wouldn't dream of committing you to one Stylist or technician.  
We don’t want to keep you on a waiting list.  Being there when you need us, and fitting into your busy schedule is our number one priority.  Not every Stylist is a master of all skills, our ‘Perfect Match’ System aligns you with the Team member with the best suited experience level, skill set, and strength to suit your hair and your lifestyle.  Each Team Member has a strength that when combined, offer you an array of style enhancing options that can not be rivalled.  

So you are scared when you book an appointment and you get a different Stylist, it’s going to be a disaster?  We can assure you this isn't the case, and neither are we going to force you to stay with the same Stylist either.  We know that a massive part of our success is the relationship that has been built up with our Guests.  We know that you have a ‘favourite’ Team member that you prefer.  However if they have fallen ill, are on vacation, or working on an outside event such as London Fashion Week, we want you to know that you have the option to see another Team Member.
Me and my Shadow

Each Team Member has a ‘Shadow Stylist’.  This is usually the person that would colour your hair, or the one that you usually visit for the blow dry’s for that special occasion.  These Team Members work closely with your Stylist, and they often know your hair.  These Stylists are called Shadow Stylists, and they are trusted to look after you when your usual Stylists are not around (That’s right, our stylists have favourites too!), and they wouldn't hand that responsibility over to just anyone who is available.  So not only do we not mind if you want to visit a different stylist in the Salon...We want you to!  There’s no commissions at Tommy’s, and we do not ‘rent chairs’.  Your time is important, and we want to make sure you can be seen by us, without that Guilty pang!
To ensure consistent service quality and technical skill, each team member completes our in-salon skill certification program. This means you can always have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are in the talented hands of a Tommy’s Team member. You'll always have a fresh perspective....and you'll always receive the utmost in True Quality service and attention. Guaranteed.

So there you have it, the next time that you need that appointment that you forgot to make, before the Wedding you've been invited to tomorrow, ask our Guest Experience Manager who the Shadow Stylist is.  You will get the same incredible Tommy’s Service, and Style minus the panic!