I just want a trim!

We know how it can be.  You wake up in the morning, walk in to the bathroom and 'BOOM' you're confronted with the image of Bigfoot on a bad  hair day.
The first thing that runs through your head?  "I need a hair appointment!" You have us on speed dial (naturally) so it takes 30 seconds to get through to us.  But...What is that...?  Fully booked?!?! Then we hear the words  "I just want a trim! It won't take long!"
We know how long it takes to deliver our Award Winning Service, and 'squeezing you in' won't give you a quarter of what we aim to deliver.  We deliver what we call 'Swan Service' which means that on the Salon Floor, everything looks graceful and peaceful.  Meticulously simple, almost automatic in fact!  Whilst behind the scenes a lot of work is going into making that Swan look like it's gliding across the water!  So here is how we make it look like a well oiled machine....Call it 'A day in the life of Tommy's'.
08:45am The Front of House Coordinators arrive in the Salon and begin their morning routines.  This includes walking through the Salon detailing maintenance issues, creating task lists for the team during the day, and calculating figures and daily notes to pass on to the team about each Guests likes and dislikes.

09:00 All of our Team Members are trained to always be 15 minutes early for us, as well as outside appointments.  Our morning meetings (called 'Express' Meetings) are held 15 minutes before our first service at 09:30, so everyone arrives at 09:00 if they want to settle in, grab themselves a coffee or tea, and have a chat about what happened at the BRIT or BHA Awards, or whatever the latest news may be!
09:15 - The Team are in full uniform, ready to have the meeting of what awaits them in the appointment book that day. Everyone who is on the floor that day is present, from Manager to Assistant, to hear what is coming up in the day, with each Guests like and dislikes, as well as Company wide news from the PR & Marketing Department and Directors as well as the logistics of the appointment book throughout the day.
09:25 - Team Members look through their columns on our computer to make personal notes on each appointment and create an action plan for the day.

09:30 - The Salon comes to life! And the day begins. As you can see by the appointment book, there are lots of appointments on any given day, as a lot of our Guests prefer to book ahead. Every single appointment in this week is pre-booked.   There is very little time in between each appointment.  All appointments include a dedicated consultation time, as well as a little breathing space to fit in the Guests who call to book their complimentary fringe trims.

Our Guest Managers manage the book like a military operation!  This ensures that each Guest gets the full amount of time with their Stylist for their Service.  They have a handbook filled with policies and procedures to follow, which help keep each Salon running smoothly and efficiently.

As you can see, it's pretty tight!  Our Front of House Team are trained to utilise our Salon waiting list, which means that as soon as a cancellation comes up, the list is referenced for the people who have said that they can come at that time or that day.  If you have a flexible schedule, it's obviously a great idea to book your next appointment ahead, and this can be changed with a minimum of 48 hours notice.  But what if you aren't flexible on times and days?  We appreciate people are busy, which is why we offer a scheduling system.  We will put your appointment in at your preferred time, day, and recurrence.  You work late on a Thursday and can't be in the Salon until 6:30pm on your favourite Stylists late night? No problem... We will pop an appointment in for you every six weeks at 6:30 on a Thursday evening, and you confirm the next one as you go.
So as you can see, we work super hard to make sure that everyone gets a time and date they prefer...All you need to do is book ahead! Whilst we do all the hard work behind the scenes to prevent those Bigfoots creeping into your bathroom mirror 🙂