X Marks the spot

Sally our Academy Stylist, is a young lady who certainly has her finger on the pulse, as I was in London last week with Tommy and Esther at The Most Wanted Awards, I received a little phone call from Sally as I was on the train.  "Gavyn I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since the X Factor started.... and we haven't blogged about it yet?!"  As I hung my head in shame into my Virgin Rail Chicken Sandwich I realised she was right... So I put her on the case straight away, here she is!

4 weeks and no posts about X Factor?  I think it's about time we changed that!  Where should we start?  Well obviously there was massive controversy over Cheryl leaving, and also regarding her replacement... Tulisa from  N-Dubz.  Gavyn and some of the other crew are a bit too old to remember N-Dubz first coming on the scene but I remember her, and she certainly has changed since those first days with her blonde hair, and if I'm honest, she looked like any other late teens girl wanting to be different.  I probably would of passed her in the street and thought 'trying too hard'. 
But then she went brunette... and WOW the difference a hair colour can make!  She went really dark, and with striking lipstick this really brought her style completely up a level, and gave her a level of sophistication that she had previously been missing.
Then came the new look of rich browns, and the flash at the front of blonde mixed through a subtle rich red.... I think it really adds something different without going for the block flashes which can sometimes look like a disaster if not done correctly.
I have young ladies coming into the Academy with longer hair, looking for something different, but wanting to keep the length.  I feel like colour statements such as Tulisa's on the right, are a really great way to give longer hair a new lease of life, without having to completely change your style.  The colours work well, and it's an easy way to make a statement without going over the top!
Then we have my new style icon.... 
Kelly Rowland
The Destiny's Child singer just oooooozes style, fashion, and brilliance every time I see her!  The singer has had some style changes over the last 18 months, but her new stylist Mekel Bailey is doing an amazing job!
            My favourite outfit on the left, the gorgeous lace dress, with Copper belt and her bright red Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.... AMAZING!
      She has been seen in figure hugging body con dresses, mini dresses, and skirts that nip in to show off her tiny waist. And why wouldn't  you with a body like hers!!  
      She has apparently been working hard at keeping her body in trim, on the X Factor this weekend, Tulisa made a joke how at 1am the judges where having drinks down the bar, when Kelly Rowland walks in with a skipping rope and starts working out before heading off to the gym! AT 1AM!! You go girl!

      When I discovered Kelly Rowland was going to be on the judging panel, I must admit I was a little dubious, and I wasn't too sure what she was going to bring to the table, but she has an air of maturity and sophistication topped with killer style that makes her absolutely the right choice to be an X Factor Judge!
      So all in all I think the new X Factor Judges are doing a fantastic job, and I'm really enjoying the show so far.  I can't wait to see what the competition is going to turn into in the coming weeks.... but in the meantime, I will be enjoying the fashion show and hair ideas that are hitting my TV every Saturday night.  
       Hope you enjoyed my first blog!  xxxx