Would you like to book your next appointment?

It's a question all of our Guests are asked when checking-out at Reception.  'I think I'll just see how it is closer to the time'.  Fast Forward 4 weeks (in your head, in reality it's been 10) and you have your MASSIVE Birthday party this weekend and your hair has looked pretty out of shape for the last month (how did it grow so quickly?!).  You phone and...lo and behold..Your Stylist isn't available on that Saturday morning. Or that Saturday afternoon....or a Saturday for the next 3 weeks actually!
Booking your next appointment isn't just because we want to make sure you come back, we love our jobs and we know it shows in our work...So we would hope you would come back!  We do it for you!  We do it because we all know how limited our time is, so if you have the same or similar commitments in and outside of work as we do, then your time is precious!

Let's get realistic, if you have short hair (pixie cut for example) we would ideally see you every 4 weeks to keep you looking in amazing condition.  Your hair grows around half an inch a month if it's maintained it could even be more, but let's say half an inch a month.  That's six inches in a year.  Now half an inch may not seem like it's going to make a massive difference, but remember hair doesn't grow evenly.
It may not be a massive difference, but when you have stretched your appointment for one reason or another, half an inch on a precision pixie could mean the difference between looking sassy and looking someone's attacked you with the nail scissors!
We typically say 6 weeks between appointments will keep an average style in shape if you are happy with it, and you want to maintain the look.  Our Stylists will always recommend the amount of time you should leave between appointments to keep you looking at your best.

Growing your hair? Leaving it 6 months + between appointments is going to result in split ends, unhealthy condition and having to take more off because you've let it get on top of you.  It's counter productive.  Getting it Cut every 8 weeks (10 weeks maximum if you really, really want to stretch it!) Will keep your hair looking it's best and will make it look healthy and prevent fly-aways and split ends meaning healthy, thicker looking, shiny hair.
Men, this goes for you too... For the boys who like a fade...3 weeks for you!  Keeping that fresh look is part of the cross us men have to bear to keep looking our best. 4 Weeks max.

All of our Guests are offered to pre-book their next appointment.  Your time when the youngest is in football and the other is in swimming and you actually have an hour to yourself is on a Thursday night at 6:30?  Book it, we only need 48 hrs to cancel an appointment if you can't make it.  You will get the choice of being contacted by email, SMS, or Telephone to remind you of your appointment a few days before.
Then fast forward 8 Weeks, and your Massive Birthday party is 2 weeks away... Your phone goes 'Ping!' and the message says;
Dear _____ Tommy's Hair Company confirms your appointment on Thursday at 6:30pm with Suzanne. Reply Y to confirm or call 01824709977 to re-arrange. With Love From Tommy's xxx
You get your hair done, you look amazing for your birthday, and you don't have that gut wrenching feeling of doom when you panic if you can't get in.   But we have a plan for that also...Ask your Stylist about their Shadow.  This is the person they recommend to take over their Guests when they are on holiday, or off doing work outside the Salon and they can't be in.  That way you always have a back up plan...Just in case.
Don't forget, everything we do is about you...and your hair!
With Love From Tommy's xxx