Which Face Shape are you? ■ ♥ • ♦ ▼

Surely all faces are face shaped right?
Your Face Shape is the deciding factor in a LOT of things.  What haircut suits you for starters, but down to what Sunglasses suit you, what style of fringe (if any!) types of head wear, and even what Make-Up Style.
Hence the amazing trend of Contouring, which has seen some incredible Make-Up videos / pictures and transformations.  The main focus on contouring is your face shape.  “So what face shapes are there?” We hear you cry!  Well stay right here and we will show you!
Remember Victoria Beckham’s ‘Pob’ that sweeped across the world like wildfire?  EVERYONE wanted it, had it, or was aiming for it.  The demand was unfathomable.  We had to tell a few of our Guests that whilst they could certainly have the style…It wouldn’t be suitable for them.  “Why on earth not?” You would hear from Styling Stations up and down the Country.  We would then go into the reasons behind face shape, life style and hair texture.  Giving our Guests a Mental Pros and Cons in each consultation.  A few years later, we received lots of thank you’s from our Guests for not giving them the Style.  So below are the Face Shapes and Styles that we believe would suit each type….Which one are you??
Heart-Shaped and Inverted Triangle
2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
This face shape is wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin. Taylor Swift’s Choppy lob ( or with beachy waves) works perfectly to draw focus away from the chin and soften the face shape.
Other go-to hairstyles for this face type include light fringes, deep side partings and layers that frame the face. Make sure to avoid too much height on the crown which makes the face appear wider at the top.
This face shape is wide across the cheekbones, narrowing at the forehead and jaw line. You could be lucky enough to be someone that falls into multiple face shape categories. Voluminous Curly manes like Kate Upton’s works perfectly.  Putting body at the tips to give the illusion of a narrower and longer face shape, by drawing attention away from the jaw line.
Other go-to hairstyles for this face type include swept back styles, styles with height at the crown, chin length bobs and styles with off-centre partings. Avoid short, cropped hairstyles or styles with too much fullness on the sides, they tend to give a wider appearance to the face.
Square Shaped 
This face shape may appear quite angular, with the jaw line sharply angled at the corners with a squared forehead. Heidi Klum’s tousled layers works perfectly to soften the angles of the face.
Other go-to hairstyles for this face type include side-swept fringes, wavy or outline styles and hairstyles that add volume to the top. Make sure to avoid blunt bangs, center parts and blunt, jaw-length bobs.
This face shape is long and is widest at the cheekbones. The jaw line and forehead is narrow and almost equal. Halle Berry’s short-cropped style works perfectly for this “ideal” face shape.
Because the oval face shape is well-balanced, any length, texture or hairstyle will look great.
Oblong and Rectangle-Shape 
This face shape is rectangular and straight with the cheekbones not much wider than the forehead and jaw line. Michelle Obama is definitely boss as she rocks a medium-length layered look which helps to chop up the length of the face.
Other go-to hairstyles for this face type include full, textured styles, short and medium length styles, shoulder length cuts with layers, side parts and blunt cut bangs. Make sure to avoid center parts, slick back styles and very long hairstyles, which makes your face look even longer.
Diamond and Triangle-Shape

A diamond face shape is wide at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead. The jaw line maybe angular or rounded. A triangular face shape has a wider forehead than your jaw line and chin. Although Mary J. Blige has an oval shape face, she falls into multiple face shape categories. Her short, asymmetrical bob accents her face and works perfectly to give anyone with a diamond or triangular shape face a go-to look.
Other go-to hairstyles for this face type include short hairstyles that have volume at the top, crown or temple areas. Avoid chin-length styles and make sure to leave weight at the nape.

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