The 'F' Word - Thank Blog it's Friday!

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We're talking about Friday!

Now the video blog has become so popular,  we have given it a dedicated title..... 'Thank Blog it's Friday!'

We will give you little video blogs to inspire you to look and feel fabulous.  If you would like to learn how to give yourself fantastic hair quickly, or if you are looking for some inspiration for the next style that you want to have, we are here to help!

We will be taking styles from the salons latest collections, and drawing experience from our team of Stylists to keep you in touch with everything from Catwalk Hair to Individual style.

Whatever you want, let us know and we will try our best to get it on the blog for you.  Whether it's a 'how to' or a type of style that you want to see on somebody, or simply some recommendations of products that are best for you,  we are fully interactive and happy to show you why we are so passionate about what we do.

A request, from a young lady Shelley, was how to do the 'flicks' in the hair that you see some stunning ladies on the red carpet with, a bit of old school Glamour made famous again by Celebs like Eva Longoria, can really transform you from sleek and chic to flicked and frisky.

Ask... & Thy will be done!  Now we didn't want to just blog how to do the flicks,we wanted to ACTUALLY show her, so we got her here to the Salon and used her in the blog she asked for...Cool huh!!

Don't forget...if there's something you want to see, then simply drop us some feedback in the comment box, or find us on Facebook with the link on the left, and we will get right back to you!

 Enjoy 🙂