Thank blog it's Friday!

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What are you going to do with your hair?  You had the slick pony last weekend, and the thought of sitting there with a pair of curling tongs and hairspray, with Neighbours in the background brings on thoughts of suicide. Plus, you haven't washed your hair for the three days... What the hell are you going to do???

It's a brilliant idea... I know!!  The great thing about the quiff is they can be as rough and textured, or as smooth and sleek as you like, they always look great!

We've seen them on the Red Carpet from the likes of Cat Deeley
As you can see here with her sporting a lovely textured quiff, it doesn't have to be perfect for it to look good, in some cases the rougher it's put up the better it looks.
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I know what you're thinking... ''I've got short hair I can't do that'' Well NEVER say never, Rihanna with her short hair managed to put it up into a stylish quiff. 
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Now unlike Rihanna, we know that you don't have a team of sixteen stylists there to do your make up and hair before you go out, or wake up in the morning (Wouldn't that be great?)  so here is our wonderful Camilla again to show you how to do it at home... I know... You can thank me later...