London Fashion Week!

Hello guys, this is Camilla!  I thought for this Fridays blog we would try something a little bit different, you could call it a 'Special Edition' for you!  As myself and Amie from our recently crowned Salon of the Year in Chester, have been down to the one and only LONDON FASHION WEEK!! Yeah baby!!

Now we were instantly hitting the new and emerging designers as we wanted to see what was going to come strutting down that Catwalk with the freshest ideas, and we saw 5 showcasing their up and coming collections for S/S 12 (S/S means Spring/Summer just in case... like me, you couldn't figure it out!  Thanks Amie!)

But we weren't only looking at the clothes... Ohohohoh No!  Make up and hair was also on our Fashion Week agenda and we were eager to see what the designers had in mind for the Catwalk shows, so that we can report it all back to yourselves for A/W 2011 and S/S 2012, and you can be ahead of the trend!

Our First designer was Eleanor Amoroso

The consistent theme through this collection was the gorgeous wedges that the models where wearing. 

Doesn't matter what colour, texture or size, furry or material, they are going to be massive in A/W 11.  Go peep toe if you want to add a little bit of fun to your footwear.

Next we had the amazing   Jayne Pierson

Get Leathered... In the clothing sense of the word!  Whether it be hot pants, jackets, or ( I think this is going to be amazingly in season) 
ankle swinger pants.

These are really strong looks from Jayne Pierson.  She is the winner of London Graduate Fashion Week, Ecological Design Award.  

She is also the Vogue Italia New Talent.... so Keep your eye on this one!  (Can you tell she was my favorite?!)

age courtesy of coterie

 Crimping!  Get your crimping irons back out guys, because it is well and truly back, crimped and put up high...simple but SO effective as you can see... 

Hair Colours are starting to get FUN FUN FUN!

Seeing lots of pastel blues and pinks, and even some peachy tones which have recently been seen sported by the likes of Fearn Cotton and Lauren Conrad 

We didn't see too much colour on the Catwalk, however there was an abundance of these pastel shades in the audience, which I think is always a big sign that the trend is changing, as sometimes the Fashionistas influence the season as much as what trickles down from the Catwalk!

I hope you enjoyed our London Fashion Week blog! With Love xxx