Life in the Fast Lane

No...We're not talking about getting Pole Position in the Salon to get your haircut first!
We know how life can be.  You have to pick up the kids from school at 3:15, you've booked a hair appointment for 2:00 and you are just not sure if you are going to make it in time, what with all the incredible treatments, head massage at Shampoo, and browsing of products you like to do when you are in the Salon.  It should feel like a pampering, indulgent experience.  Not the last sprint of the London Marathon towards the finish line!
Welcome to the Fast Lane.  Here at Tommy's we understand that sometimes taking your time simply isn't practical, and as one of our previous posts said, we never 'squeeze' anybody in.  So what's the solution?  

We Fast Lane your appointment!  Simply arrive ten minutes before your appointment time.  We will take your bill, book your next appointment and send you over for consultation with your Stylist.  So that when your appointment time comes along you have already had that incredible head massage, had a quick peek at the retail that you want to take home to keep your hair in it's best condition, and you can fly out the door confident in the fact that you have had exactly the same level of service but with a 10-15 minute head start!
Want to save even more time?  If your time is limited and you can only visit us on a certain day at a certain time, then we will schedule you in for that day and time at your chosen interval!  Stress free hairdressing!
To take advantage, simply phone your nearest Salon ( visit to find your nearest one!) and ask them to fast lane your appointment!
Got suggestions of how we can continue to improve our service for you? Please visit the website and get in contact to let us know!