International Stylist introduced to Chester

Our Chester Salon has seen a new day dawning, and it comes in the shape of our new Creative Manager Yusuf!  We have been hunting high and low for a talented new person to drive our City Centre Salon through 2017, and after much looking...The wait is over!
Yusuf joins us from Turkey, and has been a hairdresser on the Turkish Riviera for quite some time.  Marrying his wife Cordelia, and starting his family has prompted him to make the move to the UK, and he is very excited to meet new people and learn new skills.  We caught up with him for a quick Q&A in the Salon!

What made you want to become a Stylist?
I have always liked the idea of hairdressing.  It has so many different aspects that enable my creative side through so many different styles and techniques.  Be it Colouring, Cutting, Styling or Hair Up.  I thought it was amazing that you can completely change someones image with a little time and utensils
Who are some of the industry Idols you look up to?
Vidal Sassoon...Which is really strange as I didn't actually realise that he was Tommy's idol also!  We had a great chat about his work and the boundaries he broke as a hairdresser!
How did you get  your start as a Stylist?
I had to prove myself through sheer hard work!
Did you work as an assistant?
When I first started working in hairdressing 23 years ago it was as an assistant in a salon.  I then moved to Istanbul and worked as an assistant in the Salon there, and that is where I begun my training as a Hairdresser.  It was hard work but it was worth it!
Where do you find inspiration for your work?
In the early days it was through magazines and by attending hair exhibitions.  Later on  I was able to get new ideas and inspiration through the internet.  I also get some great ideas when I am out and about, or away travelling.  Simply by looking at people's hair!  It's amazing how sometimes even just a few miles apart, people can adapt trends in different ways with different techniques.  It's amazing to see how fashion changes from place to place.

What is your favourite aspect of the job?
I love seeing the finished look after I've done a Colour, Cut & Style.  Especially if a Guest wants something different!  The fashion in Turkey at the moment is grey hair...Let me tell you...on dark, resilient, stubborn Turkish hair...This is not easy!  But I have done it quite a few times, and I think it looks stunning when it's finished.

Yusuf has created this look which notoriously difficult on resilient hair

What trends are you loving right now?
I am a big fan of Ombre colour.  It has so many different variations that each person can make the trend their own.  Also Asymmetric cuts I am really enjoying currently.  Something that's trendy, but still wearable and easy to style.  I could go on forever, I love a lot of hair fashion at the moment!
If you could get your hands on anyone's hair...Who would you Style?
Rihanna!  She is so up for anything when it comes to her look!  Not afraid to try new things, adventurous with her style, and has the attitude to carry almost any look off.
To book in with Yusuf you can visit our Facebook Page here, or you can visit our website to claim an incredible introductory offer!