If Carlsberg did Party hair, it would probably look like this

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Every body has had it... You're in work, it's 4:30 and you get the phone call from your friend... "Don't forget we're going to that party tonight!"  You go home, put the ice cream that you were looking forward to for your night in back in the freezer, and leave the DVD for another night.  You look in the mirror and what stares back at you?  Some limp haired lay about that looks like they've been forced through a trouser press without the heat on, and you only have 45 minutes to change yourself into a high street honey and make the ex boyfriend realise, you're the best thing since Disneyland.

Oila!  Here we have Camilla demonstrating how to get party hair in five minutes with just ONE product.  Yes one product only!  Now go get 'em tiger!