Guess what! O M G ... K P!

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KP's new hair...

What's up with this picture!

Now we all know Katy Perry for her dark hair which brings out her incredibly coloured eyes....

So...imagine my surprise when i discovered she has turned into a red head!  Working as the Guest Manager within Tommy's Hair Company it is my duty to stay abreast of all things hair related and i thought i had Katy sussed for flying the flag for the rich darker tones that some people... no matter what... will not get away with, you know who you are people!!! If Katy was hoping to get some stylists attention with the change of colour... I think she has got it!

I couldn't stop thinking about Katy's new look on my walk to the salon. I burst in the salon door and without even saying good morning grabbed Camilla our Top Stylist and shoved the picture in her face; "Whatcha think about that?" Always the professional Camilla took a step back regained her composure and said; "No coffee for you today Gavyn?" Slightly embarrassed that i had been rumbled i asked Camilla for her opinion in a more calm and collective manner, which she was delighted to give; ''I feel she is following the 'ombre' style that is really popular at the moment with other celebs like Jennifer Aniston.  It's definitely more of a 'girl next door' look rather than the darker bold impact colour we're used to her wearing. Is that ok for you Gavyn?" and off she waltzed looking extremely pleased with her good deed for the morning.

I should have left it there but i kept looking at KP's picture throughout the day trying to work out my feelings. First of all let's just say from experience (and i'm sure anyone with a teenage child will have gone through this tragedy at some point), getting rid of black from your hair is no easy task... it takes time! Using techniques and methods to try and best protect the condition of the hair without losing the healthy bounce and lustre that Katy's hair especially is known for, could not have been a simple task.

So i'm left wondering if this is an 'in-between' colour on a journey to something completely different, or is the red here to stay? After an enjoyable day within the salon talking to our stylists and guests i think i have decided on my feelings. I believe that your hair should reflect your personality and be indicative of what you want to put out there about yourself for everyone to see. Oh and lets not forget the importance of skintone when it comes to colour. In my opinion KP's colour should be bold and bright to go with her high energy positive singing and performance style. For me this colour washes her out and looks pretty boring.... I'm afraid to say Katy pastels simply aren't for you!

But what do you think... Teenage Dream or Grown-up Nightmare?