Curly Wurly

Curly Hair... The Do's and Don'ts

Bouncy and defined curls is what we all aim for when trying to style our naturally curly locks. But other factors can rudely interrupt us getting to that desired look; such as heat, humidity and products. To help you get your desired look every time we have created the do’s and don’ts of looking after your curly hair.

The DO'S

Get your hair cut regularly

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            Trim your hair every 3 months to keep those ends looking fresh and healthy and to rid any split ends.  After around 12-20 weeks of growth, hair branches at the ends (split ends) this causes hair to look frizzy and wispy, by keeping these ends in one piece, you are also strengthening the hair shaft and keeping it looking healthy.  For the longer hair add long layers, this will help to make your hair look less bottom heavy

Get specialised Products

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If you are having some trouble with unruly curls, then follow some simple steps.  Use a water spray and distribute evenly over the hair, then use a product to help curls such as Osis Twin curl.  Simply place a small pea size amount, and spread over your palms and fingers, then scrunch into the hair and leave to dry naturally or diffuse and watch as your once wild springs are now a tamed curly mane.

 Stay in the shower for a few moments longer.

This may seem stupid, but by standing in the shower for a couple of minutes after you've hit the tap off, the humidity helps to bring the bounce back in to your hair,  then simply scrunch dry with a towel once you step out.


Use moisturising hair products 

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To keep your hair in best condition, use moisturising products.  The newly packaged Essensity range we sell in the salon, has a moisturising family which is a deeply moisturising product collection. They immerse dry, coarse hair in moisture and nutrients.  They are enriched with Organic Olive Oil, organic essence of Aloe Vera, and Panthenol.


     Don't -    

Brush your hair, brushing curly hair can cause breakage and frizz.  Be gentle with your hair and scrunch dry, only using a brush when combing through a rinse out conditioner.       


   Don't -   
Shampoo your hair too frequently, for the finer hair stick to every other day and for the thicker hair types keep to twice a week but can rinse in between on the other days

Don't - 
 Use to much heat on your hair. Leaving moisture in your hair will help you shy away from frizz.

 Don't -
Get your hair layered to short or razor cut. Shorter layers can cause overly puffy hair and razor cuts can make your hair prone to frizziness.

By following these simple list of do’s and don’ts you will be on your way to create the curly look of some of our most idolised celebrities such as Beyonce, Julia Roberts and Leona Lewis. 

Calum xx