Colour Me Good

We are living in an age where the wonderful world of hair colouring is more diverse than ever before.  There are as many  young people colouring their hair today than ever before.  Which debunks the myth that Hair Colouring is just to hide grey.

We had a discussion with our Creative and Top Stylists from the each Salon to discuss what the main benefits of having colour are, whether you're 17 or 70.

"Colouring your hair is a personal statement about your personality and your outlook" Says Suzanne, Top Stylist at Ruthin.  It's not surprising she has the most multi-tonal and vibrant deep copper and auburn mane of hair!  "I love changing my colour, from deep and daring in the winter to light and bright in the Summer.  The more confident I feel with my hair colour the more it gives me a sense of power, it's like the Crown you never take off!"

"It makes a definite statement about your image, but it doesn't always have to be a shout" Says Carol our newly appointed Creative Stylist at Llandudno.  "Sometimes you just want to be a glossier, polished and perfect version of yourself"  This surprised us considering she comes from the land of 'Bigger is better!'.  "If you are brunette, and it suits your skin tone then why not have a gloss treatment to help your natural colour pop? Or if you have a wonderful head of silver hair, have some complementary tones put in to help add depth and texture"

Yusuf is of the School of thought that it can enhance your style no matter what you want to achieve  "Obviously dependent on your skin tone there's no reason why Colour can't enhance your natural features."  How can Colour enhance your features??? "Using Balayage and traditional highlighting techniques you can make your face longer, wider, shorter or narrower using colours that complement your natural skintone.  It means you can get a unique colour, specifically designed to you."

Talking with these skills individuals also thrown up some other benefits of colouring;

  1. Added body: People with limp locks may want to give color a try. That's because colouring plumps the hair shaft and can make hair temporarily thicker and with more body than before.
  2. Shine and dimension: Putting a subtle colour on the hair can create varied hues that pick up and reflect light differently. This can make the hair seem more vibrant and interesting.
  3. More "pop": Just because a person was born with a specific hair colour doesn't mean it is the best compliment to his or her skin tone or eye colour. Changing one's hair shade can make other attributes stand out more. Eyes may seem more radiant and skin less washed out. Experimenting with different shades can help a person find the best version of him or herself.
  4. Natural options: Today there are hair dyes in many different formulations. There are also all-natural colours that deposit colour into the hair, rather than stripping the cuticle to then add back colour with chemicals.
  5. Solution for thinning hair: Many men and women eventually lose some of their hair or experience thinning patches. Hair dye can plump hair and create the illusion of thickness. This is a less expensive method to try than hair replacement surgeries or other treatments.
  6. For those who are interested in phasing out hair dye, especially if they want gray hair to grow in, they can work with a colourist to place strategic low-lights in the hair. This will camouflage the gray hair and enable the gray to grow in less abruptly.

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