Cheryl Cole... to bob or not to bob?... that is the question

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After only just coming to terms with the fact that Katy Perry dipped herself in poor girls ginger juice, I open a web page and lo and behold...

Yes that's right... Cheryl Cole has chopped her hair off.  Let me tell you I am not jealous of the poor stylist (Lisa Laudat) that had to battle with her barnet, and be personally responsible for putting a new hairstyle on one of the nations most photographed Celebs.

But the Colourist Amie Wilson quoted it as the "smokey eyes of hair".  What I am shocked at is, how suddenly Cheryl has gone from a woman with 50 heads of hair to this 'inbetweenie' bob.  From this photo above it looks like it has loads of texture and a stunning shape, but when you see it from another angle ...

You get the full effect of the cut.  Now this will be week two that I have chucked my bag down in the Salon kitchen and literally shaken a stylist like a man possessed.  Let me tell you they don't react well to being man handled at 8am on a Tuesday morning.   This time Kristina was in the firing line, and she had barely tucked into her morning breakfast coffee, before I had her dragged by the hand behind me like some kind of human wedding trail. 

'Oh.'  Said Kristina after she had dusted herself down and stopped herself from choking on her breakfast that I'd catapulted her from.

'It's not really here nor there is it?'   Exactly my thoughts.... I mean... this woman is a National ICON.  What on earth is she doing?  I heard a young guest say that it looks like she has had her head trapped in a lift?

Obviously dragging Kristina away from her morning coffee did not do Cheryl's new style any favours... after stepping back she said " I'm husband... no husband... long hair... short hair, the girl just doesn't know what to do!"

After returning Kristina to the saucer of milk she had left in the kitchen, we discussed the new look as a team.  Obviously some social activity and a couple of more coffees, gave Kristina a new insight.  "It makes her look older... and it's very safe... pretty uninspiring really"

A-symmetric is nothing new, and I must admit, personally, I am very torn about this style.  The texture and the movement look really dynamic.  However from the front it looks like someones going for the bob and she's screamed "STOP!" before they had a chance to sort it out.  It's too long to be funky, but not long enough to be something more traditional.  But you've got to give the girl credit for having the guts and trying something new. 

The colour is just ageing on her, she appears to have lost that 'glow' that she once had, and now seems a little lack luster.  We're not saying it's a bad colour... it's just not for her. 

BUT it's popular opinion that wins out.  So what do you think?  Should she dig those extensions out or stay with?