Caroline James Winter Skin Survival Guide

Caroline James is a renowned Make Up Artist who has been lucky enough to work with the likes of Katie Melua, and grace the faces of shows like the X-Factor.  

When the Weather changes, a change in your Skincare routine is often necessary.  Central heating, strong winds, and the central heating that keeps you cosy can really deplete the skin of it's moisture.  So if your skin is misbehaving, simply let Caroline's make-up mantra below, guide you through those dry (and wet!) days.


Happy new year everyone, I hope it brings health and happiness to you all!

If you're like me and struggling to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh in this chilly weather then here are some simple tips to winter proof your look!

For skin that's feeling dry and flaky and little bedraggled from the cold wind, treat it to some gentle exfoliating followed by a nice rich moisturiser applied to damp skin.

An extra rich cream or a salve is great to smother on your face whilst out in the bad weather too, it will help protect it from the cold wind and drizzle, like a big soft scarf around your face!!  Opt for tinted moisturisers instead of heavy foundations to keep your skin nourished whilst keeping a nice naturally dewy look to your face.

balaclava available from

This balm called balaclava is a must have for those chilly winter walks and it's made by our very own George at bathing beauty right here in the vale of Clwyd.

Waterproof mascaras and liners are a must to prevent eye makeup taking an unwelcome walk down your face whilst out and about in the elements, I think every girl has had the panda nightmare when walking into work in the rain!

Max factors masterpiece waterproof mascara is a perfect everyday non smudge mascara and Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers are my absolute favourite and come in a whole range of colours to suit every skin tone

Follow these simple tips to help battle the winter blues and stay looking fresh faced!