Balayage...Babylights..Ombre...Whatever it's called

Balayage (said Bal-ee-yarj) is a colouring service that uses highlighting techniques.  It usually uses bleach or a high lift colour, that is painted on to the hair, usually mid-lengths to ends to make it lighter than the root.   The whole idea is that a natural tone is used at the root area, which blends into lighter tones towards the end.  Balayage can range from a subtle shade above your natural colour, to an all over blonde that works from mid blondes to extremely light ends.  Balayage also keeps some of the darker colour in mid lengths and ends to help add dimension to the hair.

We know it's THE hair colour at the moment, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere for a little while.  But before you rush out for that appointment, be aware it's not for everyone, and there are some things you should give some consideration before thinking about Balayage.

  • Balayage will always be a darker color at your roots transitioning into a lighter color on the ends.
  • The technique looks best when the hair is styled with a curling iron or wand. However can also look nice with natural curls or straight hair but you will not achieve the same look as most of the pictures you will find of balayaged hair.
  • The cost of this service is more expensive than most other coloring services.  However, this look usually doesn’t need to be touched up as often as traditional highlights.
  • This service lightens most of the ends of your hair (this process can be damaging or drying) therefore a haircut is usually recommended afterwards as well as a deep conditioning treatment and/or additive such as SMARTBOND

If you want to benefit from a different Hair Colouring technique, then you can consider babylights.   Don't confuse these with Balayage. Babylights are micro fine highlights that can be placed strategically around the face, and head to help accentuate your natural features and give that beautiful sun-kissed look.  Done correctly, they can really help you work with your face shape to give an illusion of width or length dependant on your face shape.

Babylights are done throughout the entire length of the hair.  This means that the colour does need a little more upkeep, but if done tastefully is subtle, so even if you go on holiday in the sun and your tone lightens it will still look like it's natures work and not your stylists!  But do remember

  • Babylights are micro fine and usually placed around the face and scattered through
  • These can be done with any colour, but blonde has more impact
  • Upkeep is about every 6-8 weeks dependant on tone and number of lights
  • A much more natural look than Balayage, though can be made more dramatic
  • Aren't Balayage and Ombre the same thing?
  • Whilst the results may look similar, Ombre (said Om-Bray) is more shading (Ombre means to shade in French) to lighter colours at the ends. Unlike Balayage, there are no darker pieces left at the end of the hair, it can create a very 'bottom heavy' type of style, whilst it works for a lot of people, be aware;
  • Ombre will give an illusion of a different face shape if done too high or low
  • Ombre is great for the more daring girl, it is definitely more noticeable and typically more maintenance.
  • Upkeep will need to be regular, at least every 4-6 weeks to maintain root and length colour and tone.

So there you have it...That's the difference between them all!  Whilst we know it can be confusing, the best thing to discuss with your Stylist is what suits your skintone and face shape.  Remember nobody wants a Style that looks like you dipped your hair in the bath whilst bleaching it clean, and these Colouring techniques should always be delivered by a professional.  Take advantage of our Colour, Cut & Style offer with our Top Stylists in any of our Salon locations here until the end of April! Or click on our Facebook Offer below.